Data Structure and Algorithm at glance [Part 1]

Several times, i interviewed programmer candidates, and mostly they failed in technical test about data structure and algorithm. Although this subject is common or maybe mandatory subject in college, especially in computer related program. but somehow, in fact, as time goes by, some of student will enough when they can create working apps or system, … Continue reading Data Structure and Algorithm at glance [Part 1]


Load Balancing With NGinX

Why we need load balancer ? can we just create one very stable server which is the failure rate zero and when we need to implement this load balancer ? Load balancing at least has two main purposes : Increasing fault tolerance Distributing load Increasing fault tolerance means ensuring and increasing uptime and reliability current application … Continue reading Load Balancing With NGinX

Spin Up Terraform and Chef – Part 2

This the second part from this post . In this post we will cover Chef, how to write recipes, configure and test our recipes on target host managed by Vagrant. What is chef ? chef is configuration management and automation platforms to achieve speed, scalability and consistency by turning infrastructure into flexible, human-readable, versionable and testable … Continue reading Spin Up Terraform and Chef – Part 2

Spin Up Terraform and Chef – Part 1

What is terraform ? cited from their documentation : Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. Terraform can manage existing and popular service providers as well as custom in-house solutions. For detail feature and other terraform offer, please refer to their concise and complete documentation. Terraform has four main component … Continue reading Spin Up Terraform and Chef – Part 1

Grant Table User to Another User [Oracle]

Below is snippet command for granting user table to another user declare cursor t_name is select table_name from user_tables ; command varchar2(500); begin for c in t_name loop command := 'GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE ON ' ||c.table_name|| ' TO <other_user>'; dbms_output.put_line(command); execute immediate command; end loop; end; Jakarta, 24 August 2016   A. Ahmad Kusumah

Install ORACLE on AIX 6.1

Oracle 11g Installation procedure on AIX system v.6.1 environment, on IBM P-series machine is summarized from best practice at one of our  client. This procedure, will be followed by Websphere Application Server Installation procedure and configuration on the same environment and machine. The steps of Oracle Installation 11g on AIX System is briefly described as … Continue reading Install ORACLE on AIX 6.1