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SSH service failed on Machine with 2 Active NIC’s

July 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Yesterday,  i found strange behavior on my AIX BOX. after rebooting, the SSH service didn’t start.

when the:

#lssrc -s sshd

invoked, it show that the service is on inoperative state.

To trace the causes, the following command invoked :

#/usr/sbin/sshd -de

the result show that the service is failed to start due to port conflict. It says:

unable to to bind port xxxx, already in use

i checked the active port using netstat -an, there’s no active service using that port.

as a workaround than,  the sshd_config, edited and tha line

#BindAddress xxxxx

is uncommented, means, the ssh service will bind to that address.

Address here is currently active address on one of address bind to active NIC on my box.

and voila …

after rebooting, my ssh service is back to normal again …



this problem often occured on a machine with 2 active NIC


Tanjung Enim, July 24th 2011


A. Ahmad Kusumah

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Mincom Ellipse and Java

July 20, 2011 15 comments

(image courtesy of

I’ve been working on integration between java application and mincom ellipse since first of july 2011.

For almost a month, i’ve been trying to upload data from my Application onto Ellipse using their Business object using mincom connector provided by mincom. I read all pages on mincom connector documentation and BOC and trying to look more guidance from only one forum i’ve found on the internet. But i’ve no luck, i still can’t get into the ellipse.

I read from this forum , mincom itself suggests to use old scrapping screen simulation instead of using direct Business object. But, there’s a problem, mincom connector documentation said i’ve to supply screen buffer file list to the connection properties. And the the biggest problem just begin. Almost all CD’s of mincom ellipse installer extracted, but i couldn’t find any files related to Screen Buffer File list.

Finally, as my last effort to find the answer, i extracted and decompile almost all classes in mincom connector library, and read line per line to find the method related to it’s method to initiate connection with supplied Buffer File List.

And Voilla …..

i’ve find a line, that explicitly state that  there’s another method instead of using Buffer files list, we just need to supply this String into connection properties :


and my connection properties become :


and finally now it’s working perfectly …

and I can communicate with Mincom Ellipse server smoothly …


Wednesday, July 20th 2011

Tanjung Enim

(PTBA, Muara Enim Palembang)


A. Ahmad Kusumah






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